The Witching House by Brian Moreland

The Witching House is the story of three people that like to go check out creepy places. Dean had heard about this house and decided to talk his friends, Meg and Casey into checking it out. He also decides to bring his current girlfriend on this excursion and she has no idea what she’s being dragged into…literally.

The group discovers the house is alive with evil intentions. As they explore the house, we get flashbacks of the story of the house and all that took place there years before. Some evil never dies. This group is about to find out what it wants and if they can make out before they too become part of the house’s history.

I really liked this story. It’s the first book by Brian Moreland that I have ever read. It was a fast read and kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next. Check it out!

By gnomie1227

RN Sr. Clinical Quality Auditor by day and beta/proof reader in my spare time. I also put up reviews on FaceBook @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, and Amazon.

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