The God Provides by Thomas R. Clark

The God Provides is a fun collection of stories based on a fictional family, the McEntires. Known in the Old World as Mac Tires, they settled in the New York area at the dawn of our young nation. Clark shows us the importance of tradition, ritual and loyalty to family and extended family in these tales. Clark creates a world that the reader can easily immerse themselves into and feel like they are in the story watching the action unfold.

The God Provides starts in the present time with two sisters, Rose and Erin McEntire who return home for the last harvest of their parent’s family owned apple orchard. Each subsequent story then goes further back in time expounding more on what we learn about the family in the previous story. Clark successfully weaves us tales that incorporate myth, folklore, supernatural and alternative historical fiction involving the Mac Tire family and their closest kin.

I did not want to put this novella down. I was captivated from the start due to the descriptive depth of the scenery and characters. I hope Thomas R. Clark continues writing about this family and their adventures in the near future. I feel he has a winner with this one! I absolutely loved this book and I know you will too! Grab your copy today!

By gnomie1227

RN Sr. Clinical Quality Auditor by day and beta/proof reader in my spare time. I also put up reviews on FaceBook @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, and Amazon.

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