Delevan House by Ruthann Jagge and Natasha Sinclair

Delevan House is a dark fantasy horror that leans heavily on folk tales, mysticism, and lore. The village of Badb is a place with many secrets including a blood pact that has been in place for hundreds of years. Each generation does what was expected of their ancestors and continues to hold true to the pact. They must obey or else!

Badb is an iron town with blacksmiths that are known for their impressive skills. It is a closed society and rarely gets visitors from the outside world. Lenore Delevan is a witch who lives in the great house that no one from town dares to visit. She and her daughter are of pure Fae and reap the benefits of their ancient blood line. The villagers know, the familiars are always watching their every move.

Delevan House is a story with such a rich tapestry that intertwines the past and present together. The authors take us back and forth in time, giving us a little more detail into the magic and folklore of the old world. This powerful storytelling duo made me feel transported through time, experiencing the emotions, the scents, the pain, and of course the magic as it was unfolding.

The world they have created has lured me in ever so gently until I was hooked and did not want to let go! I loved this story! Both authors did a superb job and this book is already one of the best I’ve read this year! I am so excited that this will be a trilogy and looking forward to what they conjure next! If you like dark fantasy and folk horror, go get this book! You won’t regret it!


By gnomie1227

RN Clinical Quality Supervisor by day and beta/proof reader/reviewer in my spare time. I also cross post reviews on my FaceBook blog @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, Godless, Instagram and Amazon.

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