Donn, TX 1969 by Eric Butler

Frank and Jane are taking two teenage girls to Houston when Frank decides to take a country road instead of the highway. Donn is a small Texas town that has a dark secret. It’s harvest time and the ritual calls for blood!

Butler takes us back to a time when there was no cell phone, no GPS, and no way to communicate without being somewhere in person. I felt the true isolation of the characters and the helplessness they felt brought upon by the events of the story.

I’m excited that this is book one in a planned collection. It was fast paced and kept me enthralled the entire story. Looking forward to more Eric Butler! Go give this one a read for sure!


By gnomie1227

RN Clinical Quality Supervisor by day and beta/proof reader/reviewer in my spare time. I also cross post reviews on my FaceBook blog @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, Godless, Instagram and Amazon.

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