Damned Lazy by Christine Morgan

Damned Lazy is a story that comes from the case files of Morgan’s Matt Brimstone P.I. Series. Brimstone is hired to find a missing “kid” whose parents swear did not run away.

Brimstone and his trusty side kick take on the case and quickly discover not all the answers are in our realm. Morgan does a great job giving us background on the Brimstone series to help give those of us that have not read them some context. It’s just enough to get us through the story, but makes the reader interested in checking out the series too!

Can Brimstone maintain his reputation and solve the case or is this a little more than he can handle? Check out this pocketbook published by Madness Heart Press!

By gnomie1227

RN Clinical Quality Supervisor by day and beta/proof reader/reviewer in my spare time. I also cross post reviews on my FaceBook blog @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, Godless, Instagram and Amazon.

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