Failure by Jay Wilburn

Failure is an intense apocalyptic story about a man’s quest to keep his family alive when the unthinkable becomes their reality. Although only a short 83 pages long, Wilburn takes no time setting up the situation and creating the urgency his characters face right from the start.

I was so captivated by the story that I read it in one sitting in about an hour. My heart raced with the family as they encountered challenges along their chosen path. I was truly invested in those characters and the wild ride is something I will never forget!

Jay Wilburn was absolutely one of the greats at his craft and a wonderful human being. Like the rest of the horror community I miss him greatly! Go get your copy of this pocketbook from Madness Heart Press!!


By gnomie1227

RN Clinical Quality Supervisor by day and beta/proof reader/reviewer in my spare time. I also cross post reviews on my FaceBook blog @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, Godless, Instagram and Amazon.

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