The Bounce House by Edward Lee

The Bounce House is a fun, screwed up tale from the maniacal mind of Edward Lee. This is a pocketbook that I read within an hour that had me laughing and in disbelief all at the same time!

Miles and Becky have a birthday party to put on for their son. Miles, being the machismo man he is wants only the best of things in his life, including the biggest and baddest bounce house for his son’s party. Things get weird in true Ed Lee fashion pretty quickly and pandemonium ensues.

Can they get things back to normal before the party ends? Go read this and find out! Pocketbook is out now, published by Madness Heart Press!


By gnomie1227

RN Clinical Quality Supervisor by day and beta/proof reader/reviewer in my spare time. I also cross post reviews on my FaceBook blog @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, Godless, Instagram and Amazon.

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