Halloween Land by Kevin J. Kennedy

Halloween Land is a fun tale that is a throwback to our childhood of old school pop-up traveling carnivals. Zak and Wendy are young kids who are best friends and share a lot of the same interests. They bond with horror movies and their favorite season, Halloween!

Halloween Land takes us back to the magical sights, sounds and scents of those days when we were innocent children without a care in the world, looking for an evening of fun. The whole town is excited about the coming of Halloween Town. But what they don’t realize is Halloween Town is open to all, but some will pay a hefty price; for it keeps what it needs so the carnival can thrive.

This novella is a super quick read. I read it in an evening and got sucked into it almost immediately. Kennedy did a fantastic job bringing back the excitement, fascination and fears every kid has on this thrill ride. Relive a piece of the magic and get your copy of Halloween Land today!

By gnomie1227

RN Sr. Clinical Quality Auditor by day and beta/proof reader in my spare time. I also put up reviews on FaceBook @thevoraciousgnome, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, and Amazon.

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